Rules for the acquisition of kittens

Our rules for the acquisition of kittens in the cattery

1. Transfer to the new owner of kittens under 12 weeks of age is not performed. By 3 months of age kittens socially adapted, eat well, are accustomed to scratching posts and a toilet. All kittens of our cattery from birth receive the maximum amount of love and care and are trained to communicate with children.
2. All kittens are vaccinated and are sold only on the basis of a contract on the transfer kitten to a new owner, the contract is made in the kennel.
3. By the contract of transfer kitten to the new owner has the following documents:
• Pet passport international sample (evropasport) with notes of vaccinations (Required for all) - it's free.
• Recommendations for care and maintenance of kittens and adult cats of Siberian breed (Required for all) - it's free.
• Pedigree (mandatory for all, for PET-quality according to the contract) - it's free.
• The microchip is placed kittens only to foreign owners or the future according to the owner - for a fee.
• The diploma and grade sheets from the exhibition as a confirmation of the rock quality (for SHOW-quality BREED-quality) - free at point of sale if the animal has been involved in an exhibition at the personal initiative of the Breeder.

Available" - meaning that the kitten is open for viewing and reservations

"Order" - which means that interested in a kitten, but the final
decision is made and the deposit has not been paid.

"Rezerve" - which means that for this kitten is already listed deposit.
Note: The next owner may request to confirm pedigree Breeder quality kittens by exhibiting it at the exhibition (extra charge).